Buying BBK or JBA Headers to save money? Well rethink that real quick..

Long tubes on a budget, the hidden cost.


Let’s talk about budget headers.  We often get messages from customers who bought BBK, JBA or other brands of long tube and get held up at install.  They will have their car on a lift or stands, have the manifolds and mid-pipes removed, have the new headers installed only to realize this will not work.  These brands sell everything separate and if you do not know that ahead of time your header purchase is going to cost double or more. These brands sell the mid pipes separately, and sometimes you have to buy the connection leads and o2 extensions separate as well.  All said and done the $600 set of budget long tubes are now $1280 after buying mid pipes and other required parts.  But more importantly the lost time, and time is money..especially if this is your daily driver which for most cases alot of us only have one vehicle!

This is why we always recommend “Power Series” by Stainless Works.  The long tubes for Charger, Challenger, 30 and Magnum RWD fit all Hemi models. Inside the box you get o2 extensions for 6.2, 6.4 and 5.7 as well as exhaust adapters to use the factory 2.75 on 6.2 and 6.4 cars or 2.5 on the 5.7 cars. Not to mention they look great and fit the way a long tube should.  No finessing, no denting pipes, no guess work. They work outside of the box with no down time.  And if you have a full 3-inch exhaust you can get the 3-inch extension leads and connect directly to most 3-inch systems with no modifications at all.

In stock with free shipping for only $1305.30


Stainless Works Stainless Power Series Long Tube Headers 05-22 Hemi Cars