K&N Speed Factory collects tax in the following states at this time.  If you have a business in these states and you plan to resell our items to you customers you can purchase these items without tax in most situations and collect the tax form the end user.

As the seller we are:
K&N Speed Factory, LLC
2735 Lafayette Ave
Bensalem, PA 19020

Email forms to: Kevin@knspeedfactory.com

Pennsylvania - We require a copy of your exception certificate (PA-100) and a completed Rev-1220S sent to the email. . Please complete a copy of Rev-1220S available for download here.

Florida - Annually you are issued a resale cert, please send us a copy of your Florida DR-13 to the email.

Kansas - We require a copy of your exception certificate, and a completed ST-28A sent to the email. Please complete a copy of ST-28A available for download here.

Tennessee - We require a copy of your valid exemption or resale certificate from to validate exempt transactions must be sent to the email.

Illinois -  We require a completed form CRT-61.  Please complete and email us a copy of CRT-61 available for download here., https://tax.illinois.gov/content/dam/soi/en/web/tax/forms/sales/documents/sales/crt-61.pdf

Massachusetts - We require a completed ST-4. Please complete and email us a copy of ST-4 available for download here. https://www.mass.gov/doc/form-st-4-sales-tax-resale-certificate/download

New Jersey - We require a completed ST-3. Please complete and email us a copy of ST-3 available for download here. https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/pdf/other_forms/sales/st3.pdf



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