2015-2021 Dodge Charger/Challenger 5.7 Starter Package

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Spring Option: Pro Kit
3.09 LSD?: Yes
Add HP Tuners MPVI2?: Yes
Sale price$2,350.00


We compiled all the common first mods, that you can buy them all at one place, at one time. First up we have

J&L Oil Catch Can 

How does it work?

During the process of venting crankcase pressure back through your intake track, large amounts of oil, in the form of vapors, intake tube, intake manifold runners and even dilute your gas, lowering its octane level. This happens on all engines Milled from solid billet aluminum this is a rock-solid piece. It has a knurled tank base for easy removal to drain the spent oil and an O-ring seal to prevent any leaks. 

Filtering consists of a fine mesh stainless steel screen that traps fine oil vapors and releases them once heavy enough to fall. They then pass through a 1/2" thick 1/16th" aluminum honeycomb filter where they grow every larger and then fall into the bottom. By the time the oil gets through the filter it's too heavy to be passed on into the intake. The tank holds 3 oz of fluid, while that may not sound like a lot, you shouldn’t see that much oil in your PCV system. Drain it every 2000-3000 miles and you will never come close to filling it.


Second Up, JLT Cold Air Intake

This kit includes a fully Roto Molded airbox that has a opening in the front to grab fresh air from the grille/headlight area and also seals to the hood. We feel this is the key component that puts our kit well above the rest.


10-15 RWHP & 10-15 RWTQ are typical with this kit


Third, Mishimoto 180 Degree Thermostat W/ Coolant

Mishimoto racing thermostats promote greater cooling efficiency by significantly decreasing high engine temperatures. Once the engine is fully warmed up, the Mishimoto low-temperature racing thermostat will open at a lower temperature (180°) compared to standard thermostats (203°). This allows coolant to flow through the engine sooner, thus reducing and maintaining cooler engine temperatures.

Fourth, Eibach  Lowering Springs

We Supply two options, Pro Kit, And Sportline. Pro Kit is a moderate drop as to where Sportline is a bit more aggressive, some aftermarket arms may be required to get the alignment back into specification 

Fifth, This one is Optional, but in our opinion A Must have

Mopar 3.09 Limited Slip Differential, This changes your rear differential ratio resulting in quicker acceleration. Using The Power/Torque your car already has more wisely. A great difference in "butt dyno" And The ability to be able to leave 2 patches of rubber where ever you go, and not worry about that factory differential embarrassing you in front of your friends.

Last But Not Least.

Hp Tuners MPVI2+

This is a tuning device that is used to tune many platforms. In some cases the Mishimoto thermostat will cause a Check Engine Light, Using this you can change the Fan to come on at the correct temperature, or go with some custom tuning. Your PCM will need to be unlocked via HP Tuners to be able to use this device. And for 2018 And newer cars a Smart Access Cable will need to be purchased.

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