2021-2023 RAM TRX EBC S3 Kits Greenstuff Pads and GD Rotors

EBC BrakesSKU: S3KF1362

Sale price$530.98 USD


Small price premium over the EBC 6000 series, these EBC 7000 Front Brake pads are the ultimate SUV / 4×4 for the front of the vehicle They will stop faster and last longer with almost zero brake dust and are EBC’s premium offering for heavy 4x4s.

EBC Greenstuff 7000 Series Heavy Duty Truck / SUV Brake Pads

  • Recommended Use: Daily Driving & Light to Moderate Towing
  • Lowest Dust EBC Pad for Trucks & SUV's
  • Heavy Duty Material For Brake Upgrade
  • Up to 30% More Stopping Power
  • Brake Sensors and clips sold separately
  • Break-In Coating ensures Proper Bedding
  • Gentle On Rotors

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