2021-2023 RAM TRX EBC S3 Kits Orangestuff Pads and GD Rotors

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Whether for performance street driving, track events, extreme and fleet duty, or towing with oversized tires, the EBC Stage 8 Super Cool Truck Dimpled Slotted Brake Kit is the ideal brake upgrade for increased stopping power. This kit has got everything you need for maximum braking performance—a pair of GD series slotted and dimpled upgrade brake rotors and a set of Orangestuff 9000 Series brake pads. These EBC brake components are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are rigorously inspected at the factory to ensure reliable performance in any driving condition.
EBC is proud to offer an extensive list of brake kits to meet your specific brake upgrade requirements. If you’re after performance, you’ll never go wrong with the EBC Stage 8 Super Cool Truck Dimpled Slotted Brake Kit as this includes the Orangestuff 9000 series pads and the GD slotted and dimpled rotors. The Orangestuff pads have a friction level of .6 hot and .5 cold, making them EBC’s highest and fastest-gripping pads in the market. Their surface comes pre-scorched, so this means faster bed-in after installation.

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