Aeromotive A1000 Brushless External In-Line Fuel Pump 11183

AeromotiveSKU: 11183

Sale price$769.95 USD


Aeromotive A1000 brushless fuel pumps let you upgrade to a premium unit for faster, more dependable and uninterrupted fuel delivery—with less power consumption and potential for wear or failure. Utilizing the latest brushless motor technology, these A1000 pumps are built for up to 65 psi of sustained pressure, featuring a bedrock solid roller vane design that primes easily, reduces friction, and improves efficiency. Producing more torque per watt and a higher torque-to-weight ratio, brushless motors deliver less noise and more reliability. With a higher level of efficiency, down to fractions of a second in design speed control, Aeromotive A1000 brushless fuel pumps afford precise control of fuel pump rpm as pressure rises—better maintaining pump rpm and flow, producing a flatter flow curve. Tight tolerances result in less current draw, less heat, and extended life. Features include: * ORB-10 inlet and outlet ports * Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement * Fuel Injected engines: up to 1300 FWHP – naturally aspirated up to 1000 FWHP – forced air induction * Carbureted engines: up to 1500 FWHP – naturally aspirated up to 1200 FWHP – forced air induction

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