Aeromotive Inline EFI Fuel Pump 225LPH

Sale price$209.99 USD


225LPH Universal Inline Fuel Pump. Ideal for use in series with in-tank pump or stand-alone. Basic fuel pump for EFI and carbureted applications. Must be used with a bypass regulator. Supports up to 500 HP naturally aspirated or 375 HP forced induction. Good secondary pump, in 'series' with an in-tank fuel pump and mechanical FMU, increasing combined HP to 500 HP EFI Forced Induction. Universal inline pump for external mounting. Submersible - custom installation required. Rated for continuous duty applications. Flows 325 lbs. per hour @ 13.5 Volts and 45 PSI. 5/16' hose barb inlet and outlet are standard. Suitable for use in series with an in-tank pump along with an Aeromotive Digital FMU P/N 16303. Can be run stand-alone with AN-08 supply.

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