Cometic Street Pro Top-End Gasket Kits 06-20 5.7 Hemi

CometicSKU: PRO1022T

Sale price$260.95 USD


Part #:PRO1022T

Cometic Gasket Street Pro top-end gasket kits bring race-proven MLS technology to the budget-minded hot rod guy or gal. The multi-layer steel gasket is their commitment to cutting-edge technology and producing superior-quality gaskets. Street Pro gasket kits are constructed from multiple layers of stainless steel for its strength, along with excellent rebound and corrosion-resistant characteristics. The outer layers are coated with a rubber-based material to create a superior, heat-resistant seal that can withstand extreme cylinder pressures. Cometic gaskets are ideal for everything from aluminum heads to cast iron or aluminum blocks. Street Pro gaskets offer top-end quality that you can afford.

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