Corsa 15-21 Dodge Hellcat Challenger/Charger (6.2L)

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Corsa Oil Catch Cans

Corsa oil catch cans are the latest in a line of performance parts designed to maximize vehicle performance and longevity. Made from 6061 aluminum and featuring a multi-stage oil separation system, the oil catch cans work to eliminate blow-by of gas, water, oil vapors, and particulates from the airpath. By reducing the impacts of blow-by, they prevent damage to sensitive intake components and help reduce carbon build-up on valves that over time reduce engine performance. Each vehicle specific oil catch can has been designed with OEM-style quick-disconnect fittings, premium automotive-grade hoses, and upgraded components to ensure your vehicle runs at peak performance. Through careful design, Corsa engineers have located each oil catch can in an easily accessible yet safe location allowing for ease of serviceability.

Features and benefits:

* Generous 3 oz. capacity lengthens service interval levels
* Machined and powdercoated 11-gauge aluminum brackets provide a easily accessible secure mounting location that will not stress sensitive engine components
* Multi-stage system separates oil through a series of chambers, baffles, and a bronze filter, drawing oil from air and preventing re-entry into system
* Captures damaging vapors and particulates, eliminating blow-by and reducing long-term wear and tear on your engine
* Multi-ply reinforced automotive-grade hoses provide a secure fitment and lasting connection
* Threaded can housing allows for ease of serviceability
* Flattened, machined catch can top and knurled bottom allow ease of disassembly and serviceability
* Although currently not CARB approved CORSA Performance catch cans may help reduce emissions by capturing hydrocarbon emissions
* Installs in 30 minutes or less on most applications

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