DEI Fire Wrap 3000

DEISKU: DEI-010477
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Size: 5/8" ID x 2' Kit
Sale price$45.67 USD


Made from woven insulated glass fiber braided sleeve heavily coated with 100% iron oxide silicone rubber as Fire Sleeve with the same features, benefits and advantages but with the added convenience of a hook & loop closure design. Simply wrap around wires, cables or hoses without the need of removing them.

Like Fire Sleeve, Fire Wrap 3000 not only insulates against extreme heat but protects against oil, dirt, road grime and is pliable enough to be shaped to fit the tightest bends.


  • Withstands direct heat up to 500°F
  • Protects against oil, dirt, road grime and other contaminates
  • Pliable enough to shape & fit tightest bends

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