DiabloSport DS1000 - DiabloSport Suspension Controllers

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Part #:DBL-DS1000

The all-new DiabloSport Suspension Controller is the simplest upgrade to instantly improve your suspension system in your Hellcat or SRT vehicle equipped with active suspension modes. This Suspension Controller replaces your factory controller with a simple plug-n-play installation. The upgraded calibration improves handling and traction across the board by controlling the OEM shocks electronically to optimize them with performance in mind. Changes are instantly noticeable, as the shocks will feel much more linear and predictable. With reduced understeer and improved handling, your car will feel planted and handle anything you throw at it, whether on the highway or the track.

NOTE: The DiabloSport Suspension Controller will only work on vehicles equipped with active mode suspension. Hellcats, Redeyes, Demons and most SRT packages will include active suspension modes.

DiabloSport Suspension Controller features include:

* Reduces understeer
* Improved grip and weight transfer
* Improved corners and overall handling
* Can improve 60 ft. with proper technique
* Optimized pre-loaded modes from SRT
* Launch control improved