DiabloSport Modified PCM w/ inTune i3 Combo

DiabloSportSKU: PKITHCHAR22-I3

Sale price$1,175.95 USD


 Healthy improvements in horsepower and torque, combined with revised throttle calibrations and improved transmission performance are just some of the benefits you will see when you tune your Hellcat with DiabloSport!

A modified PCM and bypass harness are required for tuning and options are available which include both or a PCM swap with a core. Give your Hellcat Charger or Challenger 'Power you can feel', with DiabloSport!


  • Add 30 HP to the wheels on standard Hellcat Models
  • Add 54 HP to the wheels on Redeye/Superstock/JailBreak models!
  • Tire size adjustment 20" - 44", allows for correcting speedometer for different tires
  • Speed Limiter On/Off enabling increased top speed
  • Throttle Booster adjustment from 1-20% increase for improved throttle feel
  • Target Cooling Fan temps can be set from 150° - 230° for use with cooler t-sat
  • Raise or Lower Idle Speed by +/- 400 RPM
  • Adjust Rev Limiter in Drive/Neutral by +/- 500 RPM
  • WOT Fuel Adjustment — 1-7K RPM +/- 20%, allows for fine tuning Air/Fuel Ratio
  • WOT MBT Spark 1-7K RPM +/- 10
  • Disable Traction Control/ESP
  • Required bypass cable is included

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