Earl's Gen III Hemi Hellcat Supercharger Intercooler Manifolds

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Earl's Gen III Hemi Supercharger Intercooler Manifolds

Supercharged Gen III Hemi engines have a relatively large intercooler manifold on the back of the supercharger. The factory manifold may cause clearance issues in an engine swap into a classic muscle car or truck. These intercooler manifolds from Earl's Performance are shorter, providing an additional 1.875 in. of clearance, and allow the use of AN hoses for the coolant. Order the model recommended for your car or truck application.

Additional details:

* Provides additional clearance at the back of the engine to firewall
* Billet aluminum intercooler manifold; replaces bulky factory manifold
* Fits: 2015 and up Gen III Hemi 6.2L Hellcat engines
* 1.875 in. shorter than the factory intercooler manifold; extra firewall clearance in engine swap
* Black anodized finish
* Two -10 AN female O-ring ports
* Works with factory sensor (3/8 in. NPT female port) and bleeder (1/8 in. NPT female port)

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