Forced Inductions Interchillers Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

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Add Stage 2 Upgrade?: No
Add blower spacers, thermal blanket and bolts: No
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If not in stock will come directly from Australia, if you are in a rush to order please contact us to ensure it is on the shelf. 

In simple terms we are T-piecing into the cars AC system and splitting the refrigerant 50/50 between your cabin and chiller. We also install a solenoid on to the line going to the cabin so you have 2 modes of operation:

  1. Cabin and chiller
  2. Chiller only (Race mode)

Race mode is race track safe as no condensation will leak from the cars cabin evaporator.
Our interchiller core is a patented design, one of the many reasons we are able to get so cold and also have ZERO impact on cabin AC performance

Once your intercooler fluid passes through the chiller is is supercooled to below freezing temperatures which then lowers your intake temps of your water to air intercooler system of a supercharger or turbocharger.

Our interchiller can be fitted to any car or truck as long as the car has a water to air intercooler system (supercharger or turbo charger) and an AC system. It also has no limitation to HP, it can deal with it, so far the biggest build we have been involved with has made 2400HP.

We are able to hot lap the cars at the track back to back with the same consistency every run, by the time you collect your time slip you are back to your minimum intake air temp and ready to go again.

Drag Racing
The interchiller is especially useful in drag racing, typically you would perform your burnout and then stage your car, in these circumstances your intake temps are now very high and are only going to get higher as the car has no air flow for cooling, it’s at this point the chiller changes everything. It is not uncommon to have an intake temp after your burnout of 10c (50f) or less on a 30c (86f) day. We have crossed the finish line with intake temps in the low 40’s c (100f) compared to normally crossing at 80-90c (176-194f) on the LSA blower this is a lot of HP being gained!


The Stage 2 upgrade is for anyone looking for the maximum from their car, or if you live in extremely hot conditions. It is an overall improvement to the entire AC system resulting in colder cabin and chiller temps. It is not limited to drag race only use, its for any car, in any climate.


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