Fore Innovations Hellcat LX Dual Pump Module, Returnless 2015-2022

Sale price$763.00 USD


For 2015+ Hellcat (not Demon or SRT / RT variants)

  • Drop in pump assembly for Hellcat Charger and Challenger
  • Use with OE fuel feed outlet, or with upgraded feed line directly off pump module
  • No control support (modulation or regulation): see our complete Hellcat fuel systems or use at your own risk
  • E85 and race fuel compatible
  • Comes with dual F90000285 fuel pumps
  • Return port is plugged for returnless setups (see 69-800 for return configurable pump module)
  • May be converted to return use by capping off the OE feed outlet (passenger side) and adding external regulation, feed, return lines, etc.

Passenger side OE Feed Outlet Option
  1. Open: use if you wish to neglect post filtration, connect to OE feed line and send 70 micron fuel to injectors (not recommended)
  2. Cap for OE outlet: use if you wish to use the external feed port directly on the pump module.
  3. AN-8 Male: adapts outlet of OE feed outlet to AN-8 male
  4. AN-10 Male: adapts outlet of OE feed outlet to AN-10 male

  • Pressure regulation and flow output is [in car] electronic, so performance troubleshooting must be accomplished by the tuner and/or installer. (we cannot support)
  • In-tank fine filtration is removed, so external, inline fine filtration must be added for the safety of the injectors. A second OE FPDM must be used and implemented to drive the second pump.
  • Use 33-029 to adapt OE rail inlet to AN-8 Male
  • Use 33-030 to adapt OE rail inlet to AN-10 Male

Professional installation and a custom tune is required. Qualified installers must be able to interface to the OE harness, understand proper component placement, hose routing, and deliver the vehicle with factory-like pump prime/on/off logic with no error codes. Fore Innovations will supply basic system schematics and detailed component level instructions, and can provide troubleshooting of the performance and function of our system and components.

The shape of the factory fuel tank limits the pickup capacity of this fuel system. The user (driver) must keep more fuel (than normal) in the tank at all times to minimize heat damage and ensure adequate fuel pickup.

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