GForce Outlaw Axle Shafts 15-21Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat/Scatpack

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Part #:MOP10107A

High-horsepower and stock axles are fine if you're sitting in neutral and revving the engine, but foot-pounding acceleration requires Gforce Outlaw axle shafts. These direct bolt-in axles feature anti-wheel hop technology for smoother launches, powdercoating for corrosion resistance, and extremely strong CNC-machined one-piece outer and inner billet stubs.

Their proprietary aerospace billet alloy shafts use large 31-spline axle bars and 31-spline severe-duty CV joints, enabling these IRS axles to support up to 1,500 hp for awe-inspiring performance. Outlaw CVs produce greater travel and operating angles than OE joints, keeping tires on the road instead of loitering in outer space. All axle assemblies are hand-built in the USA with premium materials. Order the model recommended for your application.

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