KNSF - Hellcat / Scatpack Hard Launch kit with Eibach springs, BMR arms, and Per4formance differential brace

KNSFSKU: SCB110, UCA112R, LTA110R, UTA111R, TR110R, Standard brace red, E10-27-004-01-22

Color: Red
Sale price$1,500.00 USD


For 2015+ Models with Active suspension

Are you launching your Scatpack or Hellcat hard?  Want a nice stance, and to eliminate the sloppy arms from the mix?  We have you covered.  The stock arms are the same from V6 to Hellcat, they don’t cut it and often fail, and flex a ton, the differentials rock and often fail and shatter, and the subframe walks causing drive shaft and axle failure.

We also recommend and upgraded driveshaft as the stock is a weak link on these cars.

Our package includes the following:

Choice of Eibach Pro-kit, or Drag-launch springs
BMR on car adjustable upper control arms- (to dial in camber, we set out cars to -.7 to -.8 on the rear)
BMR non-adjustable lower trailing arms- (to combat deflection on wheel hop)
BMR adjustable upper trailing arms- (factory arm bends under load, set to stock length but these arms are stronger then the non-adjustable version)
BMR rear toe arms with eccentric lock out- (the factory eccentrics tend to move causing toe to fall out of spec)
BMR Rear cradle “ Subframe” lockout kit – (removes slop from the soft factory bushings and keeps the cradle planted)
Per4mance Differential Brace-  (keeps that diff planted, these differentials can shatter on a hard launch.  The standard and DIRS both combat the issue but the standard allows for noise to resonate into the chassis)

Removal of subframe not required, it can be lowered on a lift, we have installed many of these kits without total subframe removal.  Professional installation recommended.

Color note - Springs do not have a color choice.  Pro-kit
are red, and drag-launch are white. Standard differential braces come in Red or black, D.I.R.S. are only available in black.  Arms are available in red or hammertone which is a dark grey/black.

K&N Speed Factory recommends upgrading to the following bushing

BMR Arms introduce more noise to the the vehicle, proper lubrication is required, Vibration harness is expected when upgrading to arms with upgraded bushing and heim join

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