Mahle Motorsports Piston Set Hemi 6.4L Drop In Forged Piston

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Part #:930279090

Mahle Motorsports - 930279090 - PowerPak - Dodge - Hemi 6.4L - Piston and Ring Kits

What kind of power are you packing? Mahle PowerPak Plus piston and ring kits posses the attributes that you seek for the competitive edge that you want. Built from forged aluminum, these PowerPak pistons are hand-deburred and phosphate coated and then given Mahle's proprietary Grafal anti-friction coating. The lightweight kits also include low-drag slipper skirts, CNC-machined pin bores, machined ultra-flat ring grooves, and Mahle low-drag rings. These power-packed, race-proven packages provide you with unmatched consistency and performance. What separates you from the competition? It's the fact that you've chosen the power of Mahle PowerPak Plus piston and ring kits.

Slipper Skirt Style Forgings: strong, lightweight, low drag forging superior to the traditional full round design.
Phosphate Coating: helps prevent microwelding in the ring grooves and pin galling.
Grafal® Anti-Friction Skirt Coating: reduces drag, scuffing, friction, cylinder bore wear, and reduces piston noise.
Hard Anodized Top Ring Grooves (PowerPak+ Piston Kits): extra protection against ring groove microwelding for extreme duty applications.
4032 or 2618 Aluminum Alloy: whether building a street engine or an all out race engine, both 4032 and 2618 alloys are available depending on the application.

  • Manufacturer's Part Number: 930279090
  • Category: Piston and Ring Kits
  • Product Type: Mahle Motorsports Domestic Automotive
  • Fitment: Dodge Hemi 6.4L Late Model - Drop In Replacement
  • Cubic Inch: 392
  • Bore Size (in): 4.090
  • Oversize (in): STD
  • Stroke (in): 3.724
  • Rod Length (in): 6.200
  • Compression Height (in): 1.211
  • Pin Diameter (in): 0.945
  • Compression Ratio 74cc Head: 11.1
  • Piston Head Volume (cc): 3.6
  • Piston Alloy: 4032
  • Clearance Guide Measure (in): 0.250
  • Clearance Min (in): 0.0025
  • Clearance Max (in): 0.0033
  • Average Weight (grams): 444
  • Footnote: 1
  • Quantity: Sold as a kit.
  • 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm Ring Grooves
  • Rings Included: Yes