PPE ZF 8 Speed Trans Pan

PPESKU: 228053020

Sale price$319.99 USD


There is no need to discard the filter pan assembly every time you service your ZF 8-speed transmission. PPE has engineered an exclusive removable and replaceable fluid filter and permanent replacement pan made from cast aluminum. This eliminates the high cost of regularly replacing the factory pan. Now simply drain fluid, remove pan, replace the filter and reinstall.

Holding 1.0 quarts of extra fluid, the high-strength aluminum features external cooling fins for optimal heat dissipation. Cooler fluid lubricates better which helps increase transmission service life and reduce service costs.

The PPE Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transmission Pan also features a high-powered Neodymium magnet equipped drain plug to keep harmful ferrous metal contaminants out of the transmission internals.

Jeep/Dodge OEM Equivalent Part # 68225344AA

(8HP45 - 845RE - 8HP50 - 850RE - 8HP70 - 8HP75) 

BMW OEM Equivalent Part # 24-11-8-612-901 _ (2010 to current).

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