RB Series Oil Filter Relocation Kit with 180F Oil Thermostat

KNSF DCSKU: 15213-W040A, 1178ERL, 1179ERL, 2x VPE-10294, 4x VPE-16836,
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Sale price$415.00 USD


Partial oil filter relocation kit by Earls and Vibrant

This kit allows you to delete the factory oil warmer / cooler mess and mount a filter adapter on the block, and remotely mount a much larger K&N HP-3002 13/16 filter remotely and oil cooler using an thermostatic valve that fully opens at 180 degrees F.


This kit includes 1 OEM Nissan filter stud p/n 15213-W040A
Earls block adapter
Earls remote filter hanger
Earls 180F Thermostatic Valve
Vibrant brand -10AN fittings

Note the oil filter stud ships separately.


Kit does not include lines, you will need to build you own,  The HP-3002 (sold Separately) filter is a bypass oil filter, no block mods required. A -10AN oil cooler is recommended.

Routing.  Out of engine, to filter, out of filter, to thermostatic inlet, and back to inlet of engine.  Oil cooler connects to the cooler side of the thermostatic valve.

Note:  The K&N HP series filters have internal pressure relief valves, there is no need to drill out the block plug and install and OEM after removing the oil warmer.  Please only use K&N filters.

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