2020-2023 Dodge Scatpack Widebody New Owner Starter Kit


Sale price$574.00 USD


Part #:SPWBStarter

We own and love these cars, and we know you do too.  However, there are a few items that you should install on day one so that you can enjoy your new vehicle with peace of mind.

#1   ROCK GUARDS - The factory flares scratch and chip very easily, adding ZL1 Deluxe rock guards protects those flares damage.   They also install in minutes.  FRONT AND REAR INCLUDED

#2  J&L OIL SEPERATOR - You will be shocked at the oil vapors the JLT/J&L 3.0 collects.  This is would be oil that would coat the inside of the intake manifold, cylinder head intake ports and valves.  Over time it becomes a sticky sludge that restricts and steals power.  This is a must-have on any hemi engine.

#3 OPTIONAL JLT INTAKE SYSTEM - A great package that uses quality S&B air filters, these intakes pick up a few ponies, look and sound great.

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