SPC Performance 05-20 Chrysler 300/Charger/Challenger Rear Upper Control Arm Bushing Kit

SPCSKU: spc66050

Sale price$59.99 USD


This kit combines our previous four kits into one. Allowing adjustment of rear camber on the Chrysler LX platform cars regardless of model year and the complication that Chrysler used two different bushing sizes over the years.
These "set-at-install" bushings can be clocked to provide up to ±1.5° of adjustment by replacing the outboard bushings on both upper control arms of all Chrysler LX-based cars regardless of aluminum or steel arm construction. By using the #66025 adapter along with the #40920 bushing press, these bushings can be installed without removing the control arms.

Rear Adjustment Range: Camber ±1.5°
Install Time: .6 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per wheel
Recommended Tools: 66025 Bushing Press Sleeves, 40920 Performance Ball Joint Press

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