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Texas Speed / PRC CNC Ported 6.4L Apache Hemi Cylinder Heads SHIP YOUR HEADS FOR SERVICE OR EXCHANGE SERVICE

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Texas Speed / PRC CNC Porting Exchange Service 6.4L Apache Hemi Cylinder Heads

Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

PRC CNC Porting Service - Customer Supplied 6.2L or 6.4L Apache/Hellcat Hemi Cylinder Heads

CNC Porting Service for Customer Supplied Hemi 6.4L Cylinder Heads 


K&N Speed Factory & Texas Speed & Performance is proud to announce our all-new CNC porting for factory 392 Hemi cylinder heads!

With CNC machines dedicated to only machining Hemi cylinder heads, the result is quick turn-around times and the support of a company that operates 25+ CNC machines dedicated to late model performance parts! Our goal has been to offer the ultimate in performance while getting rid of the Hemi tax commonly seen from other companies.

TSP's CNC machining of your cylinder heads will include tear down, cleaning and inspection, CNC porting, milling, and re-assembly of customer-supplied cylinder heads. The end result is the best CNC ported factory cylinder heads for your 6.4L Hemi.  Dyno gains of over 30 HP have been seen in back-to-back testing!

-$1,599.98 This is an exchange program where we ship out a finished CNC ported set of heads ready for installation.  Included in the package is a prepaid return shipping label, and core charge of $1,100.00.  The $1,100.00 core charge will be returned if the heads shipped back are in good usable condition without warping, cracks, or surface flaws.  If cores are not returned, the core charge will not be returned. Cores must sent back within 30 days of the delivery, a return label is provided.

-$1,399.98 If your heads are off the car, and you don't wish to exchange. You can ship your heads for CNC porting and return service. You will be required to ship your own packaged heads for service in this option, and your heads will be returned to you.  The turn around time on this averages 4 weeks.


 6.4L Ported Cylinder Heads Feature:

  • 5-Axis CNC Porting Intake & Exhaust Runners
  • CNC Chamber Machining
  • Hand Blending 
  • Newen CNC Valve Seat Machining 
  • CNC Decked
  • PAC 1232x Spring Kit Installed



 .200"    167 CFM  118 CFM
 .300"    250 CFM  159 CFM
 .400"    327CFM  199 CFM
 .500"    370 CFM  222 CFM
 .600"    384 CFM  236 CFM
 .700"    392 CFM  245 CFM

*Please Remove all Cylinder Head accessories (Spark plugs, Rocker, ETC) before Shipping. K&N Speed Factory nor Texas Speed and Performance is not responsible for any lost Parts.