Toyo Proxes R888R Tire

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Built on the winning legacy of the Proxes R888, the R888R lays down all-out traction and highly responsive steering inputs. If your number-one goal is to be #1, one of the best upgrades you can make is in upgrading its to the Toyo R888R. But don't be surprised if your competition makes the swap in order to keep up.

With its DOT-approved tread pattern, the Proxes R888R is the perfect tire to get you to the track and back, especially so you don'™t have to spend time and money on equipment or trailers.

Featuring Toyo's aggressive R-compound, a proprietary high-grip racing rubber compound, the Toyo R888R rapidly reaches and maintains optimal operating temperatures for consistent and excellent performance at speed. For those curious, Toyo recommends an operating heat range of 160“ 220-degrees fahrenheit for optimal performance.

Not only does the R-compound of the Proxes R888R help you quickly put heat into it (thus minimizing unnecessary wear), it also creates serious lateral grip for extreme cornering performance. And its asymmetric tread pattern and race-focused contact patch puts more rubber on its outside shoulder for the snappy and predictable steering input you need when you're door-to-door.

Other performance features of the Proxes R888R include:

  • A wide center rib that enhances straight-line stability and overall steering response for excellent dry performance.
  • Massive outside tread blocks generate powerful lateral grip for responsive cornering.
  • Competent control in wet conditions provided by its water evacuation channel, which enhances wet traction and mitigates hydroplaning.
  • A nylon reinforcement ply ensures stability at high speeds for consistent control at passing speed.

Toyo Proxes R888R Treadwear and Warranty

With its optimized tread design and soft tread compound, you can rely on the Toyo R888R for predictable handling and thrilling performance at the track. And because it's DOT-approved, you can also count on your new Toyo tires for reliable transportation to and from the track so that you're always ready to rock.