TSP Chromoly 3/8" Pushrods for Hemi

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Texas Speed & Performance Chromemoly Hardened Pushrods In Your Choice Of Lengths for Intake & Exhaust.

Hardened pushrods are a must for any valvetrain.  These TSP chrome-moly pushrods feature .080" wall thickness & are designed for stability under high rpm use.These one-piece pushrods are heat-treated and feature oil holes that are drilled and chamfered to prevent stress fractures and cracks.

These 3/8" pushrods are available in many lengths. Standard Hemi intake length is 6.800" and the standard length of exhaust is 8.125".

If youre building a custom valvetrain setup you might consider purchasing the Comp Cams adjustable pushrod measuring tools here and here. At only $20.99 each, they're the perfect tools for making sure you get exactly the right pushrod length for your application.

A large number of variables are involved in determining the correct length pushrod for your application. Pushrod length is affected by any of the following: 

  • Block deck height
  • Head deck height
  • Head stud boss height
  • Rocker arm brand/design
  • Cam base circle size
  • Lifter design/brand/pushrod seat height
  • Valve stem length


Don't assume anything when determining the right pushrod for your new engine. A pushrod that fits one engine may not necessarily work in another. Any number of items can be different on your engine, requiring you to use a different pushrod length.  

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