Weld Racing S77 Beadlock Wheel

Weld WheelsSKU: 77HB7110W62F | WELD

Sale price$1,564.00 USD


Weld Racing has fitments for popular modern musclecars, each created uniquely for each car to maximize their stance, including these RT-S S77 forged aluminum black anodized wheels. Built from 3-piece modular construction, the RT-S S77 series wheels feature a unique, multi-spoke design. They continue the Weld Racing tradition of utilizing a forged billet center and cold-forged rim shells for proven strength and durability. These Weld RT-S S77 series wheels are offered in several mounting pad heights to clear specific drum and multi-piston opposed calipers. The Weld RT-S S77s include a matching center cap.

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