Whipple Superchargers 2015+ Dodge Hellcat SC Competition Kit / Intercooled / W185RF (3.0L) Black

Whipple SuperchargersSKU: #21-WK-3500-S1-30
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Finish: Black(wrinkle finish)
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Extended Lead time on this, Be patient as it's worth it.

Stage 2 Supercharger system features the billet 112mm throttle body and billet -8AN fuel rails.


  • Over 300HP capacity over Hellaphant 3.0L Supercharger
  • Over 500hp capacity over Hellcat 2.4L supercharger
  • Expensive porting not required to make power
  • Massive, dual pass, dual core intercooler technology for twice the cooling area of any other PD SC for 6.2L
  • Inverted design allows for oversized intercooler, each core is 2.125” thick, dual pass = 4.25” thick core
  • Dual in, dual out intercooler for increased water flow
  • 112mm opening for compatibility with stock TB, 102mm, 105mm and Whipple’s 112mm
  • Billet rotors far superior to cast rotors for high rpm operation
  • ¾ rotor vs 3/5, 33% lower male rotor speed
  • Superior profile with shorter leak path
  • Thrust retaining system for better bearing support
  • Massive air inlet for high flow (porting not required to get power)
  • Optional high flow cold air system
  • Fits stock fuel rail, stock injectors or billet Whipple -8 rails
  • Works with stock belt system and optional balancer options
  • Works with electronic bypass control
  • Works with stock TMAP sensors
  • New over bearing 5-bolt supercharger pulleys
  • Billet bearing plate and oil cover
  • Custom colors available

Note: Includes 112mm billet throttle body, billet -8 fuel rails, no CAI, no calibration or flash tool

- Stock & Aftermarket Hellcat TB fits

- Fits under stock hood, stock cowl, wipers fit

- Uses all stock TMAP sensors

- Does not fit with stock CAI systems. Modifications Required

- Optional Whipple CAI

- Fits Challenger, Charger and Jeep, Hellcat, Demon, Redeye, Trackhawk, soon to be TRX

- 12psi to 30psi boost (30psi requires race port)

All Whipple Supercharger Kits are Built to order

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